We help students and young professionals to start their own company.


We start by brainstorming to get an overview of all the ideas. After that, the participants will work together with professionals to form the business idea.


Next, we use the Business Model Canvas to set up your business plan in which you will think about all aspects of your business, for instance your value proposition and customer segments.


By means of prototyping and creating a minimum viable product (MVP) you can learn how to improve your product or service for the end-user.


You will learn how to give a professional pitch and how to broaden your professional network.


Do you require an investment? Together with professionals you will look how to make your business plan attractive for a potential investor.


All of this will be done together in a group of 15 participants to work towards a successful Dragons' Den.

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Gemeente Enschede en Stichting NESST

Gemeente Enschede

DSIF en Stichting NESST

Dutch Student Investment Fund

JongGedaan en Stichting NESST

Businessclub JongGedaan

Novel-T en Stichting NESST


Hardstart en Stichting NESST


SA Proto en Stichting NESST

S.A. Proto is the study association of the Creative Technology BSc program at the University of Twente. Creative Technology is a one-of-a-kind program that teaches its students to combine their knowledge of computer science, electrical engineering and industrial design to develop human-centered solutions with real impact.

S. A. Proto

S.G. Deadalus en Stichting NESST

S.G. Daedalus is de studievereniging voor Industrial Design Engineering op de Universiteit Twente. Op de opleiding worden de studenten opgeleid in het ontwerpen van producten, maar ook in productontwikkeling en het in de markt zetten van een product of idee. Met deze brede basis van zowel ontwerptechnisch inzicht als managementvaardigheden zijn er al meerdere ondernemingen opgestart door studenten industrial Design, en enkele studentenondernemingen zijn al succesvol gebleken.

S. G. Daedalus
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