The program of NESST

The program of NESST has a capacity for 15 participants at a time. In about 5 months, various themes linked to entrepreneurship will be discussed in weekly meetings. In these weekly meetings, a professional with a specific expertise will give a lecture or workshop. The program consists of 4 phases in which the participants are guided in their journey from idea to their own business. During the season, the participants will work towards the Dragons' Den, the final of the NESST season. Are you curious to know more about the program? You can find all the details below.

For who?

The program of NESST is there for students and young professionals who want to become an entrepreneur, or who want to know more about entrepreneurship. Do you already have an idea for your company, or no idea at all? You can come to us either way and we will help you!


NESST offers the program twice a year. One season starts in February and runs until June, the second one starts in September and runs until January.

Phase I - Ideation

Phase 1 focuses on Ideation. During this phase brainstorm sessions are organised after which ideas are chosen to work out during the continuation of the program. It is possible to work as a group to work out a business idea together.

Phase III - Strategy

In Phase 3 the business model developed in phase 2 will be explored. You will look at all the aspects of your business model with for instance a marketing or finance workshop.

Phase II - Business Model

In Phase 2 the Business Model Canvas is introduced and will be discussed thoroughly. You will think about your value proposition and customer segments for instance. Using this method, you will develop your own business model.

Phase IV - Perfect Your Pitch

In Phase 4, the participants will learn how to sell their business idea by means of a pitch. The program will end with a Dragons' Den, in which the participants will pitch their business plans in front of a jury consisting of potential investors.

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