We are Stichting NESST. A non-profit organisation that helps students and young professionals to start their own company! Twice a year we organise a the NESST program with a duration of 5 months in which we help students and young professionals  from an idea to their own company. Stichting NESST has been founded in 2017 in Enschede and currently organises the program in Enschede and Amsterdam. Below you can find out more about the board of Enschede.

The Board of Twente – Season 5


This is the board of NESST for Season 5 in Enschede. They will organise the 5th season of the NESST Program in Enschede from February up to June 2019. Next to that, they are responsible for running the entire organisation. The board members including their functions can be found below.


Our Predecessors

Season 4


  • Brian Schipper – Chairman
  • Arthur Kasteel – Vice Chairman, Acquisition & Marketing
  • Luuk Buunk – External Relations
  • Daan van der Struik – Program Quality & Participants

Season 3


  • Amy de Lange – Chairwomen & Program Quality
  • Maarten van Vreeland – Vice Chairman & Finance
  • Anouk Westerdijk – External Relations & Branding
  • Emma Botter – Marketing & Participants

Season 2


  • Casper van Ginneken – Chairman
  • Lieke Hamelers – Vice Chairwomen & Finance
  • Anouk Westerdijk – External Relations & Branding
  • Jesse van der Gouw – Program Quality & Participants

Season 1


  • Elke Bies – Chairwomen & Branding
  • Aron Klaas – Vice Chairman & Finance
  • Erik van de Pieterman – Strategic Planning
  • Rogier Harmelink – Strategic Planning
  • Casper van Ginneken – External Relations
  • Jaap Waalsweer -External Relations & Acquisition

Supervisory Board of NESST


  • Rogier Harmelink – Chairman & Internal
  • Anouk Westerdijk – Vice Chairwomen & External
  • Casper van Ginneken – Finance & Development
  • Erik van der Pieterman – Expansion & HRM

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The board of NESST is a parttime board for which you need to be available 10 to 15 hours a week depending on your function.

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